Climate Change - Study line


Climate Change - Mitigation and adaption

Mitigation and adaption to the changing climate is a pressing task for our society, the cities and the infrastructure. This study line teaches the students the challenges and the tools required to adapt to the coming changes.

Students wishing to obtain a MSc in Environmental Engineering with a diploma in Climate Change – mitigation and adaption must complete at least 30 ECTS from within the following group of courses:

12122 Urban Drainage and Stormwater Management 5 point Autumn E2B (Thurs 8-12)
12124 Urban Flood Risk Modelling 5 point January
12145 Terrestrial Ecology for Engineers 5 point Autumn E4B (Fri 8-12)
12227 Regional and global air pollution effects 5 point Spring F2B (Thurs 8-12)
12228 Urban air pollution 5 point Autumn E2B (Thurs 8-12)
12859 Environmental Engineering in the Arctic 5 point Spring
30574 Earth observations for monitoring changes (EO4Change) 5 point June
30755 Climate change - physics and observations 5 point Autumn E2A (Mon 13-17)
30857 Extreme Climate and Physical Nature 5 point Outside schedule structure

The following discontinued courses also fulfill the requirements of the study line:

12142 Industrial Ecology 5 point Autumn E2B (Thurs 8-12)
12344 Remote Sensing of Terrestrial Ecohydrology 5 point Autumn E4A (Tues 13-17)