Environmental Management - Study line


Environmental Management

Engineers specializing in environmental management promote sustainable development in society and business. Ways to target sustainability goals are addressed. Environmental progress is achieved by the design of sustainable industrial products and processes.

Students wishing to obtain a MSc in Environmental Engineering, with a diploma in Environmental Management must complete at least 30 ECTS from within the following group of courses:

12132 LCA Modelling of Waste Management Systems 5 point January
12145 Terrestrial Ecology for Engineers 5 point Autumn E4B (Fri 8-12)
12772 Life Cycle Assessment of Products and Systems 10 point Autumn E1 (Mon 8-12, Thurs 13-17)
12773 Advanced life-cycle assessment 5 point Spring F3A (Tues 8-12)
12774 Assessing health, environmental and life cycle impacts 5 point June
38102 Technology Entrepreneurship 5 point Autumn E1B (Thurs 13-17)
42014 Environmental and Resource Economics 5 point F7 (Tues 18-22)

The following discontinued courses also fulfill the requirements for the study line:

12142 Industrial Ecology 5 point Autumn E2B (Thurs 8-12)
42274 Sustainable Development Indicators and Sustainable Urban Development 5 point Autumn E2A (Mon 13-17)
42275 Sustainable Urban Development: a project oriented approach 5 point Spring F2A (Mon 13-17)
42349 Sustainability challenges I, Systems thinking 7.5 point Autumn E4 (Tues 13-17, Fri 8-12)
42350 Sustainability challenges II, Specific systems and capstone project 7.5 point Autumn E4 (Tues 13-17, Fri 8-12)
42375 Advanced life-cycle assessment 5 point Spring F3A (Tues 8-12)
42377 Life Cycle Management in industry 5 point Spring F3B (Fri 13-17)