Water Resources Engineering - Study line


Water Resources Engineering

Water Resources Engineering is concerned with the quantity and quality of water in surface and groundwater systems. Candidates address water resource and contamination problems at all scales, ranging from small-scale process-oriented laboratory and field studies up to basin-scale and global hydrological systems. Candidates are able to design technical solutions to water resource problems and develop remedial technologies.

Students wishing to obtain a MSc in Environmental Engineering with a diploma in Water Resources Engineering must complete at least 30 ECTS from within the following group of courses:

12245 Water Pollution 5 point Autumn E5B (Wed 13-17)
12330 Contaminated Sites 10 point Spring F3 (Tues 8-12, Fri 13-17)
12331 Field investigations of contaminated sites 5 point June
12336 Groundwater Quality 5 point Autumn E4A (Tues 13-17)
12345 Observation, Modeling and Management of Water Systems 5 point Spring F3A (Tues 8-12)
30530 Introduction to GIS 5 point Spring F4A (Tues 13-17)
30574 Earth observations for monitoring changes (EO4Change) 5 point June
30755 Climate change - physics and observations 5 point Autumn E2A (Mon 13-17)

The following discontinued courses also fulfill the requirements for the study line:

12233 Surface Water Quality 10 point Autumn E5 (Wed 8-17)
12333 Water Resources Management 5 point F7 (Tues 18-22)
12342 Data Driven Hydrological Modeling 5 point Spring F4B (Fri 8-12)
12343 Surface Water Hydrology 5 point F4A (Tues 13-17)
12344 Remote Sensing of Terrestrial Ecohydrology 5 point Autumn E4A (Tues 13-17)