Transport and Logistics

The MSc in Transport and Logistics provides you with the qualifications to design, analyse, improve and manage the transport and logistics systems and technologies of the future

Transport and Logistics

Please note that the last intake for the MSc programme in Transport and Logistics is September 2023.


Study Programme

Whether we are involved in transporting goods and consumer durables locally or across continents, or in travellers’ mobility by car, bus, train, or bike, attaining efficiency and sustainability in our mobility system is one of the world’s most complex problems.

Society and industry keep facing large challenges regarding congestion, environment and safety, but also large opportunities based on on-going transformations related to automation, sustainability, computing, and electrification.

The MSc in Transport and Logistics is at the core centre of DTU’s mission to prepare the future leaders in transportation and logistics.

The MSc in Transport and Logistics at DTU allows you as a student to:

  • Learn by doing: apply: advanced methods and engineering skills to solve real-world problems that can affect the everyday lives of people and have an impact on the future organization of our societies and industry.
  • Gain breadth of knowledge: study a wide range of transport, mobility, data science, supply chain, and logistics topics focused on the interaction of technology, operations, planning, management and sustainability from several departments and divisions within DTU.
  • Get professionally ready: for a career as leader, specialist or generalist in private companies, industry, consultancy, public agencies or research and academic institutions where you will have the advantage of specialist competences as well as a broad knowledge of transport and logistics systems and technologies.
  • Enjoy a top education: in a top-ten European research institution on transport and a student life in the Scandinavian way.

The study focuses on giving students a solid understanding of transport and logistics systems as well as general engineering and analytical skills relevant for a career within both the transport and logistics sectors as well as related industry, consultancy and public agencies.

The flexible study structure allows students to specialize in areas of their own choice, e.g. sustainability, planning and policy, smart cities, data science, decision support, behavioural modelling, optimisation, maritime logistics, operations research and management, supply chain, business analytics, computing and machine learning, transport modelling, or combinations of these through a flexible programme structure and faculty /research staff from several departments and divisions within DTU.

DTU is part of an extensive network with private companies and public authorities in both the transport and logistics sector, allowing you to work with real-life issues and projects during your course of study, and have collaboration with the industry preparing you for jobs after the study.

The MSc is a two-year graduate programme with a workload of 120 ECTS credit points.

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Combine work with studies

This study programme is also available as an Industry study programme where you can combine work and study over a 4-year period. Special rules apply.

Industry MSc Eng programmes

The MSc in Transport and Logistics has four optional study lines.
The four study lines are focused programmes of study that have specific requirements to the choice of courses and projects compared to the general MSc programme.

The four study lines in Transport and Logistics are:

For guidelines on study plans for the MSc program in Transport and Logistics, you can look in the study guide which is updated annually by the head of study.


Transport and Logistics graduates have skills making them attractive in:

  • transport consultancies
  • general consultancies
  • industry
  • transport companies
  • public agencies
  • solution providers
  • research and academic institutions including PhD tracks in top-universities worldwide 

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