DTU Career Centre - get a good start on your career path

The main objective for the DTU Career Centre is to help you get a good start on your career path. We work diligently to build a bridge between DTU students and companies and to help you in your efforts landing a student job, internship and your first full-time position.

We are passionate to help you land your first job and have several career related initiatives lined up for you:

CV and Cover Letter Feedback

Get feedback on your CV and cover letter and receive guidance regarding e.g. job search, the Danish labour market and job interview preparation. Read more at Inside.dtu.dk (login required).

Career related workshops & networking events with companies

Optimise your job search by joining workshops and webinars on topics such as writing targeted CVs and cover letters; preparing for job interviews, applying for student jobs, and more. Network with Danish companies who are eager to meet and inspire DTU students at tech talks, career nights and DTU CareerWeek, among others. Find further information in the event calendar at Inside.dtu.dk (login required).

Job seeking material and online courses

Join DTU Career Centre on our course site ‘Engineer Your Career’ in DTU Learn. Here you can watch online crash courses on how to write targeted CVs and cover letters, prepare for your future job interviews, and build a compelling Linkedin profile. You can also download our job seeking guide ‘DTU Career Notebook’ and get recent updates on career related events and workshops at DTU.

Job postings in DTU Career Hub

Find student jobs and full-time positions in DTU Career Hub, a job site aimed at DTU students and alumni within the first couple of years after graduation. In DTU Career Hub you can also find internships for BEng students as well as project and thesis collaboration with companies.

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We are looking forward to assist you with your job search in Denmark.