What are your support options if you have special needs?

Via the SPS scheme, you can receive various types of support and disability aids and appliances. The support will be granted based on your individual needs.

You can see examples of possible support forms here:

Dyslexia: software package, IT starter package, instructions, study support hours, NOTA, etc.

Mental health problems or developmental disorders: study support hours, academic support lecturer, support person. It differs how various universities organize support for this group of students. We have described the opportunities for DTU students here.

Chronic or serious illness: support hours, technical aids and appliances, instructions, secretarial assistance, etc.

Motor disability: disability aids and appliances, support hours, secretarial assistance, etc.

Vision disability: IT starter package, instructions, disability aids and appliances, NOTA, study support, secretarial hours, etc.

Hearing disability: interpreter, hearing technical aids and appliances, IT starter package, instructions, study support, secretarial hours, etc.

In principle, you can only get SPS if you have a documented functional impairment. Still, funds can also be allocated for examination, diagnosis, or testing, for example, if there is a reasonable suspicion of dyslexia.