To external suppliers of special educational support

If you as an external supplier support a student at DTU, different needs may arise during the process. For example, you may be an interpreter, academic support teacher, or something else.

If you need to participate in the teaching, we ask you and your student to notify the lecturer thereof, preferably in good time. Correspondingly, if you are to participate in an event at DTU, a welcome event, lecture, workshop, etc., you should preferably also make the organizers aware of this, so that additional chairs can be acquired and catering ordered, as well as for fire safety reasons, etc.

If you need a more permanent WiFi solution (than guest WiFi) and/or access to your student’s teaching materials, the first thing you need to do is create a guest profile:

  1. Creation of guest profile

    Write to AUS_SPS-Team with the following information:

    Name, Surname:
    Phone and email:
    The student with whom you are affiliated:

    The users log into their accounts by selecting the network 'dtu' and then opening a browser (for example, Internet Explorer). The login image appears in the browser.

    PLEASE NOTE: The guest account only enters into force the day after it has been created.

  2. Access to WiFi

    Once you have created a guest profile, you can access DTU’s WiFi.

  3. Access teaching materials, timetables, syllabus lists, etc.
    Once you have created a guest profile, you can access your student’s teaching materials, timetables, syllabus lists, etc. Your student must write to the relevant lecturer(s) and ask them to put you on the list of course participants. That gives you access to the course’s ‘website’.