Corporate MSc Eng programmes

Combine work with studies and join a DTU Corporate MSc Eng programme in Civil Engineering or Computer Science and Engineering.

DTU offers the opportunity to join a Corporate MSc Eng programme in:

as a part-time study where you obtain the 120 ECTS points over a 4-year period.


The prerequisites are similar to the ones that apply to the 2-year-programme but in addition, you must have a job relevant for your studies where you work at least 25 hours a week or you may be self-employed in a start-up company.


The application procedure and deadline are similar to the ones that apply to the 2-year-programme, but you must specify that you apply for this special programme and in addition, you must submit a contract stating your employment-status or documents regarding your start-up company. The deadline for submitting these documents is not later than two weeks before semester start.

Non-EU/EEA citizens already working in Denmark can apply for the corporate MSc Engineering programmes. It is strongly recommended that applicants first check the rules and impact on the current work permit with the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration.

Admission and deadlines

Important Conditions

  • The Corporate MSc Eng programmes do not entitle you to SU.
  • Employment status documentation has to be submitted by you every semester.
  • If you change jobs during your studies, you have to provide the new employment contract, which has to be approved by the office for Study Programmes and Student affairs. If the new contract is not approved, you will not be able to continue with the Corporate MSc Eng programme. However you are entitled to change to the full degree MSc in Engineering programme.
  • If there is a change in your employment status from being employed to unemployed, then you will not be able to continue with Corporate MSc Engineering but you are entitled to the full degree MSc in Engineering programme.