Admission criteria

The academic levels of the MSc Programmes are highly advanced, and a thorough basic knowledge of one engineering or science discipline related to the MSc programme is required for admission. Admission is based on the following criteria.
Admission Criteria
Degree Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering or a Bachelor of Natural Science degree obtained at an internationally recognized university/higher education Institution  (You can find general assessments for specific countries on the website of the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. For further information, please follow this link).
Please note, the bachelor degree must be less than 10 years old. To apply for a dispensation from the 10-year rule, you must attach this template to your application. Please contact for questions
Specific Requirements For details on specific requirements please refer to the entry requirements under each individual MSc programme of your choice. Please take a look at the Programme specifications for further information.
Grade Point Average  Approximately 75 per cent of the maximum obtainable grade. This may vary depending on the grading system of the university awarding the Bachelor degree.