Fees and scholarships - non-EU/EEA Citizens only

As a non-EU/EEA citizen there are certain fees associated with applying to and studying at DTU. 


Application Fee

Non-EU/EEA citizens are required to pay a 100 EUR application fee. Your application will not be processed before DTU receives the application fee payment.

The application fee of 100 EUR allows you to apply for up to 4 different MSc Eng programmes.

Application Fee Payment Deadline

You must pay the application fee before the MSc Eng application deadline:

  • Autumn intake: 15 January
  • Spring intake: 15 September.

Please follow this link to learn about How to Pay the Application Fee.

Tuition Fee

Non-EU/EEA citizens are required to pay 7,500 EUR tuition fee per semester. An MSc Eng at DTU covers two years, which equals to a total tuition fee of 30,000 EUR.

Tuition Fee Payment Deadline

If you have accepted an offer of admission to DTU, you must a pay tuition fee. Make sure to pay the tuition fee before the deadline in order to ensure that your application for residence and work permit for students (ST1) can be fulfilled in a timely manner. The tuition fee payment deadline for your first semester is:

  • Autumn intake: 1 May.
  • Spring intake: 1 November.
Please follow this link to learn about How to Pay Tuition Fee for Newly Admitted Students.

Can my Tuition Fee be Refunded?

DTU is able to refund your tuition fee if you are unable to start your studies or disenroll before the beginning of the semester. For further information on tuition fee refund, please contact: MScAdmissions@adm.dtu.dk 

Tuition Fee Waiver

DTU offers a limited number of tuition fee waivers for non-EU/EEA applicants that has an excellent academic record. You apply for a tuition fee waiver by uploading the following:

  • A separate statement emphasizing your academic achievements and interests

NB: Please note that DTU only offers tuition fee waivers for the Autumn intake

External Scholarships

Here you can find a list of external scholarships that are not managed by DTU.