Admission requirements

The admission requirements for the MSc programmes are described under the tabs for the individual study programmes.

To be admitted to an MSc programme at DTU, you must hold one of the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering

  • Bachelor of Engineering

  • Bachelor of Natural Science.

From September 2017, no more than 10 years must have passed since the qualifying exam was taken. 

All applicants who apply for admission to English taught MSc programmes are required to provide documentation of English language proficiency comparable with English B-level with a minimum grade of 3 from a Danish upper-secondary school. Bachelor of Science in Engineering students from DTU, entitled to admission to an MSc Engineering program at DTU, must document English B-level with a minimum grade of 2. Read more about the language requirements.

Bachelors of Science in Engineering
Applicants from DTU are guaranteed admission to one of the MSc programmes to which their bachelor programme grants access, provided that they apply for admission within the deadlines that apply at the beginning of the next semester after completion of the bachelor programme at DTU.

In the ‘Career’ section under the description of the individual bachelor programmes at DTU, there is a list of the MSc programmes to which holders of a given bachelor degree from DTU are eligible for admission.

It is possible to apply for admission to MSc programmes other than the ones in natural extension of the acquired bachelor degree if the applicant meets the academic prerequisites for the study programme in question. The academic prerequisites are described in further detail under the individual MSc programmes.

Applicants from educational institutions other than DTU can also be admitted. Guidelines and examples, if any, can be found in the curriculum for each MSc programme under academic prerequisites.

Bachelors of Engineering (BEng)
Bachelors of Engineering are entitled to admission to MSc programme(s) which are a direct extension of their Bachelor of Engineering programme, provided that they meet the necessary academic prerequisites for admission to the MSc programme in question. Some MSc programmes require that applicants have completed a number of courses from the list of courses in the curriculum for the individual MSc programmes.

The curricula for the individual MSc programmes describe which Bachelor of Engineering programmes from DTU make the applicant eligible for admission to the MSc programme, and which prerequisites must be met.

Bachelors of Natural Science
Bachelors of Natural Science can apply for admission to a number of MSc programmes at DTU. The MSc programme curricula state which applicants are entitled to admission and on what conditions.

Conditional admission with regard to supplementary educational activities
Applicants with a relevant degree as Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Engineering who do not meet all the academic prerequisites for admission to the desired MSc programme can apply for conditional admission.

The lacking academic prerequisites may consist of a list of courses of up to 30 ECTS credits and must be passed prior to commencing the relevant MSc programme. It is a requirement that an application for admission has been submitted and that conditional admission has been granted, provided that the applicant passes the relevant courses. Applicants will then have one year to pass the courses, i.e. if an application is submitted for admission as of September 2017, the conditional admission will apply until September 2018.

Supplementary educational activities in connection with conditional admission to an MSc programme do not form part of the MSc programme, and tuition fees will be charged, see 
prices under single course studies. If the applicant does not pass the courses within the deadlines specified, the conditional admission to the programme is withdrawn.