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DTU hosts webinars where you can learn about our university, the programmes we offer or you can learn about the application process and requirements.

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Student life and application procedure

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DTU Career Center

MSc Programmes

MSc in Applied Chemistry

MSc in Aquatic Science & Technology

Aquatic Science and Techology

MSc in Architectural Engineering

MSc in Autonomous Systems

MSc in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

MSc in Biomedical Engineering

Msc in Biotechnology

MSc in Business Analytics

MSc in Chemical & Biochemical Engineering

MSc in Civli Engineering

MSc in Communication Technologies and...

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MSc in Computer Science & Engineering

MSc in Design and Innovation

MSc in Earth & Space Physics and Engineering

MSc in Electrical Engineering

MSc in Engineering Acoustics

Engineering Acoustics

MSc in Environmental Engineering

MSc in Food Technology

Msc in Human-centered Artificial Intelligence

MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management

MSc in Maritime Engineering


Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering

Mathematical Modelling and Computing

MSc in Mechanical Engineering

Advanced Materials & Healthcare Engineering

MSc in Materials & Manufacturing Engineering

MSc in Petroleum Engineering

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Pharmaceutical Design & Engineering

MSc in Photonics


MSc in Physics & Nanotechnology

Msc in Sustainable Energy

MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship

MSc in Transport and Logistics

MSc in Transportation and Logistics

MSc in Wind Energy