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Photo: Printed vegi salmon to the left held with chopstick and real salmon to the right.
30 JUN

Students will market 3D printed fish

Students from the EU-led research project Training4CRM and DTU have developed a technique for 3D printing fish such as salmon and tuna.

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Royal Greenland skalrejer
27 MAY

From Bachelor of Engineering student to PhD student

The National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, has enrolled its first PhD student, who comes with a Bachelor of Engineering background. The aim of the PhD...

Food, fish and agriculture Food production Fish and shellfish
Vegansk mousse / Foto: DTU Fødevareinstituttet
27 NOV

From idea to product – make your own foods

Do you have an idea for an innovative food that you want to get market-ready? The Ecotrophelia course at DTU, which takes place in the evenings during the spring semester...

Food, fish and agriculture Food production Food technology
From left to right: Andrea Lauridsen, Reem El-Moussa og Sarah Nyrup. Photo: Mikal Schlosser
20 MAY

Chickpea cooking water recycled to make a vegan dessert

A vegan mousse based on chickpea cooking water—aquafaba—won the competition for innovative and sustainable foods.

Food production Health-promoting compounds Innovation and product development Food technology
Photo: Mikal Schlosser
29 NOV

Students invent eco-friendly vegan cheese

A team of master’s degree students receive an award for an innovative product that reduces food waste and has minimal impact on climate.

Food production
Photo: DTU Fødevareinstituttet
28 NOV

Students to make ingredients from new biomasses and by-products

A new course will enable students at the Technical University of Denmark to extract extra value from the food industry's by-products by creating new, sustainable ingredients...

Food, fish and agriculture Food production Food technology
Photo: DTU Fødevareinstituttet
24 JUL

Out-of-the-box thinking transforms carrot peel into carrot flour

Carrot peel is turned into flour instead of compost thanks to an idea developed by DTU students during a course on innovation and collaboration. The course lecturers include...

Food, fish and agriculture Food production
Johanne Parelius and Julie Storm Høgsbro with their ice cream made from Scandinavian seaweed, berries, and fruit. Photo: Mikal Schlosser
20 FEB

Everyone can get the urge for an ice cream—even when it is made from seaweed

Two students created an ice cream made from seaweed, berries and fruit from Scandinavia and won a competition regarding innovative and sustainable foods

Nutrition and dietary habits Food production
Photo: Colourbox
07 APR

Ingredients—a quiet success story

With 14 per cent of the global market and a revenue of up to DKK 35 billion (EUR 470 million), the Danish ingredients industry has relatively unnoticed developed into a...

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video thumbnail image
31 JUL

Food Technology, DTU

The MSc programme in Food Technology provides you with an understanding of modern food production and profound knowledge of technologies associated with the production...

Food, fish and agriculture Nutrition and dietary habits Food quality Food production Food safety Food technology
31 JUL

Students swap summer holidays for beer brewing summer school

While the warm summer is an invitation to laze in the sun with a cold beer 30 students have instead gone to school for three weeks to brew the beer themselves. At the summer...

Food technology Food production
18 JUN

Fødevaresikkerhed og -kvalitet, DTU

Vil du være med til at sørge for, at de fødevarer, vi spiser, har en god kvalitet og ikke udgør en sundhedsrisiko? Vil du lave kvalitetsstyring i en moderne fødevarevirksomhed...

Nutrition and dietary habits Food quality Food production Food safety Food technology
A DTU brewery?!
05 JAN

A DTU brewery?!

A biotechnology student in his third semester has decided to create sustainable beer production that may become an interdisciplinary project for the entire DTU in the long...

Food production Food safety Food technology Enzymes and proteins Fermentation

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