Assessment committee

The assessment committee is composed of three members (examiners), at least two of whom must be external members, and at least one of these must be a researcher from abroad. These rules apply unless it is considered academically inappropriate. The third committee member may be from the department or from another department at DTU, and this person is appointed chairman of the committee. The principal advisor is to send the proposal for the appointment to the department's PhD secretary who will upload it in DTU DOC.
The members of the assessment committee must be professors, senior associate professors, associate professors, senior researchers or others with corresponding qualifications. Professors emeriti may not be members of the assessment committee.
The proposal for examiners must contain information which enables the PhD committee to assess whether there is a reasonable correlation between the subject of the thesis and the professional background of the examiners. Such information (in CV form) must be up to date and include academic qualifications, employer and other relevant information about the qualifications of the proposed examiners, along with an outline of relevant publications. Examiners must not have co-authored published material with the PhD student. This does not only apply to material relevant to the topic of the PhD project.
The PhD student must be notified about the composition of the assessment committee before the proposal is submitted. If the PhD student has no objections to the list, then a statement to this effect is added to the end of the proposal which is then signed by the PhD student. On the other hand, if the PhD student has any objections, these must be submitted and will form part of the basis for the PhD committee’s decision.
The PhD committee (chairman) approves the composition of the assessment committee. The proposal for members of the assessment committee must be submitted by the main supervisor one month prior to submission of the thesis.
Supervisors cannot be appointed members of the assessment committee. However, the principal supervisor assists the assessment committee without voting rights and is thus expected to be involved in the work of the assessment committee e.g. in connection with answering clarifying questions about the underlying PhD study.

The PhD Office will send the thesis to the approved members of the assessment committee. The PhD school will communicate directly with the external assessment committee members in regard to reimbursement for travel expenses and payment of examiner's fee.

Under extraordinary circumstances where one of the members of the assessment committee is unable to attend the defence, DTU may agree with the PhD student that the defence can be held with only two of the three members of the assessment committee present. The Office for PhD and Continuing Education must approve such an agreement.