The University President and the Dean of Graduate Studies issue a diploma to persons, who has acquired the PhD degree. The diploma states the title of the thesis, the PhD school/ department, where the studies took place, the name(s) of the supervisor(s) and members of the assessment committee. The diploma is issued in a Danish as well as in an English version. An amendment to the diploma is prepared stating the courses passed during the PhD studies. The diploma is issued on condition that the passed courses agree the courses listed in the study and project plan.
After the defence it may take up to three months, until the PhD graduate receives his/ her diploma. The length of this period affected by the date, on which the final recommendation is sent to the PhD office, as well as the date of the first succeeding meeting in the relevant PhD committee.

PhD's under the Industrial PhD programme must see to it that their diploma is uploaded to Innovation Fund Denmark through e-grant.