Extension of enrolment of PhD students

The enrolment period may be extended by up to three months. An extension requires a motivation and an application must be submitted. The following apply in this situation:

  • During this period, the departments are responsible for ensuring that there are sufficient funds for examiners fees, printing of thesis etc.
  • The extension period does not require a contribution towards current expenses.
  • The PhD student’s salary and living expenses during the extension period are not covered by DTU.
  • If the extension period lapses without the thesis having been submitted, the PhD student will be informed that enrolment will cease.

In special cases, and subject to a motivated application to the head of the PhD school, a further extension – usually of up to six months in total – may be granted.
The application for extension must be approved by the principal advisor and the head of the PhD school and must be sent to the PhD Office . The application must be submitted to the PhD Office before the final date of enrolment, but no earlier than three months before. This applies to all extensions regardless of the length of the extension. 

Applications for extensions received after the date of final enrolment will not be accepted.

The form used to apply for extension must be downloaded from DTU Inside.

Unemployment benefit
A PhD student who has not submitted his/her thesis upon expiration of the study period, is not entitled to receive unemployment benefit as long as he/she is enrolled as a PhD student at DTU.
Fees for foreign citizens
PhD students who are citizens of countries outside the EU/EEA will be charged a fee when applying for an extension of their work and residence permits. Application forms and information about current fees are available at the homepage of the Danish Immigration Service.

Corona guidelines: Please see the information on DTU Inside.