Industrial PhD student and externally employed PhD students

You should be aware of the following if you are employed as a PhD student somewhere other than at DTU:
Course of study
The PhD student must gain experience in communicating knowledge, either by teaching within his/her academic subject or through dissemination of research results, e.g. scientific articles, presentation at conferences, etc. This dissemination duty is considered to be fulfilled by at least three months of documented dissemination work.

As a principal rule, at least one half of the study period must take place at DTU.

Study plan
Employment in a company/research institution other than DTU does not in itself fulfil the requirement that the PhD student must be part of an external research environment during the course of study.

DTU as work place during the study period
As a principal rule, at least one half of the study period must take place at DTU. This is a way of ensuring that the PhD student will get the chance to take part in the research environment at DTU's departments.

Exceptions from this rule are PhD students enrolled under ITN projects or joint/double degree collaborations.


In some cases, parts of the thesis, such as e.g. business secrets, may be considered confidential out of consideration for the company of employment. The assessment of the PhD thesis and award of the degree must be based on a fully published part of the thesis which must appear as an individual sub-thesis.
The supervisor’s statement is based on the overall project work.
The assessment committee will alone base its assessment on the published part of the thesis just as the defence will only comprise this part.
Assessment committee
It is the principal supervisor who proposes the members of the assessment committee. The proposal is made in consultation with the collaboration partner. For industrial PhD students it applies that at least one of the members of the assessment committee must have industrial research experience relevant to the research field in question.
Special conditions in connection with the defence
The defence is carried out in accordance with DTU’s standard guidelines and is scheduled together with the collaboration partner. If the collaboration partner wishes to arrange a special meeting, this falls outside the standard procedure for award of the PhD degree. The defence must take place at DTU. However, in special cases, an application for exemption may be submitted to DTU’s dean of graduate studies.
As for special requirements for industrial PhD students, such as e.g. the industrial report, please see the homepage of the industrial PhD programme.