How much does it cost to take a PhD degree?

PhD students, who have received a externally financed stipend or PhD students who wish to finance the PhD studies themselves, are to pay tuition fee to DTU each year in the amount of (incl. 20% overhead fee):

  • 2020:       DKK 157,200
  • 2021 DKK 159,600
  • 2022 DKK 162,000
  • 2023 DKK 164,400
  • 2024 DKK 166,800

The tuition covers, among other things, expenses for:  

  • External courses
  • Supervision
  • Conference participation
  • Stay(s) abroad
  • Thesis evaluation
  • Publication of thesis
  • The project and stay at the department in general
  • Department administration

Due to the high living expenses in Denmark, DTU expects that PhD students who are not employed at DTU or externally have a minimum of DKK 12,000 per month to cover their living expenses.