Transport and travel

Getting from A to B is a sintch in Denmark. Distances are short and the public transportation system works without a glitch. However, we'll also be introducing you the wonderful world of bicycles in this section. You'll soon find that almost all Danes move about on two wheels.

Public Transport

DTU Lyngby Campus is located a mere 3 km from Lyngby train station and 15 km north of Copenhagen. Lyngby Station is a hob for S-trains and busses. Several busses stops on Anker Engelunds Vej (the street with DTU's main entrance).

Useful links

  • Plan your route on
  • For more information on public transportation in Copenhagen, please go to: VisitCopenhagen.
  • You can apply for "Ungdomskort" which will give you student discounts for public transportation, please go to


Bicycle facilities in Copenhagen are excellent: Many roads have separate cycle paths and you can bring your bicycle free-of-charge on the S-Train.

Rules and regulations

Read all about the rules and regulations for cyclists in Denmark in the brochure "How to ride safely through traffic in Denmark on two wheels" issued by the Danish police.

Download brochure on how to ride your bike safely.

Please bear in mind, that you are not immune to the traffic law and that failure to obey the rules might cost you a fine of DKK 700 kroner or more.

Getting a bicycle

You can get a new bicycle from bike shops or supermarkets or ask around or look for students posting bike sales on Facebook or the “buy and sell” section on DTU Inside, (in danish), (in danish) or the Police bicycle auctions in Copenhagen.

Renting a bike

It is also possible to rent a bike. Go to for more information.

Pay as you go city-bikes

In central Copenhagen you can rent a city-bikes. You can either choose to Pay as you go, which costs an hourly rate or you can sign up for a monthly subscription, which costs a monthly rate until the subscription is cancelled.