National and international initiatives and organizations


ESN DTU is the local Erasmus Student Network (ESN) at DTU. The aim  of the association is to provide incoming international students with the opportunity to get to know Denmark and Danish culture by organizing various events. 


Stardust-DTU is an entrepreneurial organization and network for students at DTU. This non-profit organization focuses on promoting an entrepreneurial and innovative environment for students through events and workshops—all free of charge. Stardust-DTU sole purpose is to provide encouragement and knowledge to entrepreneurial students, to raise awareness about student entrepreneurship and to enable students to take part in an ever growing local and national entrepreneurial network.

Venture Cup

For more than a decade Venture Cup has worked to help and inspire young entrepreneurs and to empower university students and researchers to develop their ideas into successful companies. Venture Cup hold two annual competitions: the Idea Competition and Venture Cup Startup Competition.


IAESTE is an association which manages the international exchange programmes of Danish and foreign students with a technical and scientific education. The association was founded in 1948 with the purpose of furthering a better understanding between countries and cultures.


The European organization, BEST, arranges summer courses at technical universities around Europe, BEST Engineering Competition (the biggest engineering competition in Europe), as well as a lot of social activities throughout the year.

Copenhagen Management Consulting Club

As a DTU student you will already have acquired analytical problem solving skills. The combination of the management consultants’ knowledge of how best to advise management and your analytical expertise is a skillset that is highly sought after by the business community. The CPH Management Consulting Club aims to further develop your analytical and presentation skills while familiarizing you with the consulting industry. The club provides knowledge, events, and network opportunities in collaboration with the industry’s top-tier consultancies to give you this skill set.

WESA - Wind Energy Student Association

WESA is the Wind Energy Student Associatio at DTU where all students, who are interested in wind energy, get together on a regular basis.. We provide a platform for networking between students and industry, finding new friends and helping each other out. Founded in the fall of 2016, there are already more than 140 international members from different master's programmes related to wind energy,but the member also include bachelor students, PhD students, and recent graduates.