Mentor program for master students

Join the Mentor program for the autumn semester 2022! - become a mentor or a mentee.

What is the Mentor Program about?

The Mentor program is for Master students at DTU who wish to be a part of a community where sharing experiences helps you live your best life as a DTU student.

The program pairs an “older” Master student, the mentor, with a small group of new Master students, the mentees, to help the new students settle into their studies. The mentor group works as a place where you can give and receive guidance on how to handle life as a student.

A mentor acts as a knowledgeable friend, who helps the mentees navigate their life at DTU – both academically and personally.

A mentee can use the mentor for figuring out the course schedule, finding social activities, discussing emotional or cultural dilemmas, talking about their experiences as a new student at DTU and much more.

Events you are expected to participate in:

The program runs one semester at a time and includes several events – all of which are free of charge.

For autumn 2022, the dates are as follows:

  • Training Day for mentors: the 12th of September (mentors only)
  • Kick-off Event, where mentors and mentees meet each other: the 15th of September
  • Midway Event: the 13th of October
  • Supervision for mentors by Student Counseling Service: the 8th or 9th of November (mentors only)

The events will all be after 5 pm and the first three events will include something to eat. 

Sign up no later than 5th of September.

The purpose of the program

International Student Services (in the DTU Administration) and PF run this program in collaboration with Student Counseling Service. Student Counseling Service is an organization that works with improving the well-being of students and offers free social and psychological aid to students at DTU and other universities in Denmark. The program is meant as a way to help master students get comfortable with their student life at DTU through having a support mechanism in the form of an older student - the mentor. The mentor will receive training in how to spot and handle reactions to difficult emotions as well as what role they need to put themselves in as mentors, and they will receive dialogue-training in order to best be able to support the mentees in the group meetings. 

If you have any questions about the program, please email