Danish language courses

Why not take the opportunity to learn Danish while you're here? You can choose between a Danish class during the semester or a summer course.

Is that a potato stuck in your throat? No, it is Danish!

Learning Danish is a good investment if you decide to spend the next couple of years at DTU and perhaps plan to build a career in Denmark afterwards. Speaking Danish is the first step towards employment and although most Danes speak English very well, a bit of Danish vocabulary is often regarded as that extra something that will determine if you get the job or not.

In order to get the full experience of your stay, learning Danish is also the key as it helps you understand Danish society and the Danes better. Moreover, speaking Danish makes it easier for you to participate in all kinds of social networks and just by joining a language class, you instantly meet new potential friends. The courses are free of charge if you have a Danish CPR number.

The Danish courses are taught during the semester (approx. 8-10 weeks). The courses take between four to six hours a week and take place at DTU.

DTU collaborates with three language schools – so please sign up below if you would like to learn Danish.