Summer University

Summer University DTU is an opportunity for students to take courses over the summer in one of the three teaching periods in June, July, and August, respectively. Each period lasts three weeks.

The Summer University is primarily intended for students who want to build up credits in advance to allow more time for other activities during the normal semesters, and for students who have dropped off the pace, or have failed exams and need to retake them. The initiative is also designed to allow students to take courses they would otherwise be unable to attend due to timetable clashes. It is also a special offer for guests from other universities or countries, people interested in continuing education, or those who simply do not want to take the entire summer off. The courses (except for retake courses) are taught in English.

Summer University DTU courses

Summer University DTU offers about 200 different courses. The courses can be found in the course database at Search on 'Summer University' for details on courses in June, July, and August. You can also search on the individual months.

Course periods in 2024

  • three-week period in June 2024: 6 June to 26 June
  • three-week period in July 2024: 8 July to 26 July
  • three-week period in August 2024: 5 August to 23 August

Course registration

The course registration period runs from 1 to 15 May for courses in June, July, and August.

If the course is not fully booked after the ordinary registration deadline, supplementary registration is possible in the following periods:

27 May to 3 June for courses in June
27 May to 5 July for courses in July
27 May to 2 August for courses in August (including registration for retake courses)

How to register

  • If you are a DTU student: Register for courses from the course database (using their student ID number) via the registration module at DTU Inside. The individual departments may, however, decide that registration takes place at the department. This will be stated in the course description. Registration for special courses during the summer period takes place via the relevant supervisor at the department.
  • If you are a student from another Danish university: Register as guest students.
  • If you are a student from a partner university: Find more information
  • If you are not not already enrolled on a university programme: Register via DTU's Open University scheme.

Who can participate?

  • BSc, BEng, MSc, and PhD students
  • DTU Students
  • International guest students
  • Danish guest students
  • Students who need to take additional courses to be admitted to an MSc programme
  • People interested in continuing education
  • Danish and English students. Most of the courses are taught in English. Retake courses (if students have failed an exam) are in Danish.