Important dates autumn semester 2023


  • From 3 August: Online brush-up course in mathematics
    You can train mathematics online on the DTU Mathematics portal. 

  • 11 August: Deadline for registration for the four-day brush-up course in mathematics
    Deadline for registration for DTU's brush-up course in mathematics. You can register once you have taken the mathematics test. Please note that the instruction is in Danish only.

  • 14 - 17 August: Brush-up course in mathematics
    DTU offers an intensive four-day brush-up course in mathematics. The course is held on Ballerup Campus from 9.30 am - 2 pm. Please note that the course is in Danish only. 

  • 18 August: Intro day
    On the intro day, DTU will officially welcome you to the study programme, and you will get a brief introduction to life as a student at DTU.
  • 18 – 25 August: Introductory courses and rustrips with accommodation
    DTU's student union offers different kinds of introductory courses on campus and rustrips with accommodation.
  • Week 34: Timetable for the first week of teaching
    From the middle of week 34, you can download your timetable for the first week of teaching.

  • 28 August: Semester start
    The semester at DTU begins.


  • Week 36: PF's evaluation of the study start
    During the first week of September, DTU's student union PF will send you a questionnaire about your experience of the intro day, your vector's role in connection with the intro day and much more. 
  • 15 September: RusJoint
    Dinner and a concert organised by PF primarily for new students.  

  • 11 - 24 September: Commencement of studies exam
    A few weeks after the study start, you need to pass a commencement of studies exam. The exam involves you making a curriculum for your study programme and signing DTU's Honour Code.   


  • 13 - 26 November: Study start evaluation
    How did you experience the study start at DTU? You will receive a short questionnaire about your experience of the study start and life as a student at DTU.

Important dates in connection with the summer intake 2023

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