The first few weeks as a student

Vector group

As a new student, you will be offered to join a vector group with 8-10 other students from your field of study. A vector is attached to your vector group. A vector is an older student, typically from your field of study, who is there to help and guide you through your first semester.

Your vector can answer almost every question from practical matters such as where to buy your books, academic matters such as which courses will be particularly interesting and relevant to you to social matters like where you will find the coolest parties on campus.

You can use your vector group in several ways; for example, as an information group, where you can get help and guidance for everything that has to do with your studies, or you can use it as an active reading group.

The tutor - your professional supervisor

As a BSc student, you will be assigned a tutor at the start of your studies. The tutor is a lecturer from your field of study, who can help you get an overview of the possibilities in your study programme in relation to your areas of interest and needs.

The role of the tutor is to create and expand the contact between you and your lecturers as well as to strengthen the guidance and support for you as a student. Your tutor can guide you in both academic and study-relevant questions.

Your tutor will meet with you and a group of your fellow students at the beginning of the semester. You can arrange several group meetings or individual meetings during the first two semesters as needed. You are entitled to at least two individual meetings with your tutor.

Elite athletes

As an elite athlete or elite coach at DTU, you can be associated with a contact person from the Student Counseling, who is ready to help and guide you in your course of study and the actual planning of this. You can also get help from Team Denmark if you are already a Team Denmark-approved athlete.

The Study Guidance can help you create structure in daily life with many hours of training, competitions, training camps, teaching, and reading.