Welcome Day and introductory programmes

During the Welcome Day, you will meet your fellow students, see the campus, and get an introduction to your study programme. After the welcome day, you can take part in one of our four introduction programmes.

Welcome Day

On Friday 19 August 2022 from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., DTU invites all newly admitted students to a Welcome Day. The purpose of the Welcome Day is to introduce you to the campus, your study programme, and your fellow students.

During the day, there are many fun, academic, and social activities where you get a chance to cooperate and think creatively. You also get to know your fellow students better.

All new students are officially welcomed to DTU by President Anders Bjarklev, Dean of Undergraduate Studies Lars Christoffersen, and President of DTU’s student association, Polyteknisk Forening, Andreas Ipsen.

The Welcome Day is organized in cooperation between DTU and Polyteknisk Forening (PF). You can find more information about the Welcome Day in the welcome letter you receive from PF by mail.

You can also find the information on the PF website.

Introductory programmes

In continuation of the Welcome Day, PF holds four different types of introductory programmes.

You can choose to sign up for one of the introductory programmes. The introductory programmes allow you to meet new students from your field of study as well as new students from other fields of study. The programmes contain a combination of academic and social activities that introduce you to your study programmes and your fellow students.

One-day introductory course on campus

The one-day introductory course on campus is an alternative to the traditional ‘rus trips’ with accommodation, and it has a greater academic focus than the other introductory courses.

The introductory courses take place on Monday 22 August and Friday 26 August, respectively. Note that you can only sign up for one of the courses.

Four-day introductory course on campus

The four-day introductory course on campus has the same content as the rus trips with accommodation, i.e. it contains a mixture of social and academic activities.

The four-day introductory course will be held on Lyngby Campus from Saturday 20 August - Tuesday 23 August.

Weekend rus trips with accommodation

The weekend rus trips are similar in content to the more traditional rus trips. They are held in two variations that you can choose from: a weekend rus trip with alcohol and a weekend rus trip without alcohol.

Both rus trips are held in cabins on Zealand, and they take place from Friday 19 August - Sunday 21 August.

Four-day rus trips with accommodation

There are three different variants of the four-day rus trips with accommodation:

  • Rus trip with alcohol - Danish students
  • Rus trip with alcohol - mix af Danish and international students
  • Rus trip without alcohol - mix of Danish and international students

You must indicate which variant of the rus trips you would like to go on when you sign up. On the four-day rus trips with accommodation, you stay in cabins on Zealand or Funen.

The rus trips are held during three different periods.The first period is from Saturday 20 August - Tuesday 23 August. The second period is from Monday 22 August - Thursday 25 August. The third period is from Tuesday 23 August - Friday 26 August. You are randomly assigned to one of the two periods after signing up.

Read more and sign up for an introductory programme

You can find more information about the introductory programmes and how to register in the welcome letter you receive from PF by mail. You can also find the information on the PF website.