Check messages from DTU and from your lecturer

As a student at DTU, you will receive messages from DTU in your student email. You can find messages from your lecturers about your courses on DTU Learn. You must also keep an eye on study announcements and news on DTU's intranet, DTU Inside.

Check your student email

All students at DTU have a DTU e-mail with the address: s[student ID number] – e.g.:

When DTU sends you emails, it is always to your student email. Therefore, you must keep an eye on the messages sent to your student email.

If you need to contact DTU yourself, you must do so via your student email except if you contact the Study Guidance. In that case, you can be anonymous.

You access your DTU email via the toolbox on DTU Inside (log in with your DTU password).

Check messages from your lecturers at DTU Learn

Course-related communication between the lecturer and you as a student takes place primarily at DTU Learn, You will also find material for your courses at DTU Learn.

Check study announcements and news on DTU Inside

DTU Inside,, is a joint intranet for the entire DTU. Here you get access to information and news across DTU. You log in to DTU Inside with your DTU password.

At DTU Inside, there are also study announcements from the Office for Study Programmes and Student Affairs. Study announcements are important messages about your study, and you are responsible for keeping up to date with their content.

Read more about study announcements (log in with your DTU password).