The Polar Researcher Day 2021

This meeting could be a virtual zoom meeting, but hopefully maybe we can all meet in person if the Corona situation allows it.

If we would be so lucky that we can meet in person at the DTU campus (Building 101, Glassalen) there will be served lunch from 12:00 - 13:00


As it now has become a tradition, we once again have the opportunity to meet at the Polar Researcher Day, where researchers internally at DTU present their Arctic / Antarctic research across academic boundaries and institutes. Through the Polar Researcher Day, Arctic DTU creates a strong Arctic / Antarctic network internally at DTU.


You can look forward to a couple of hours where you can hear several scientists presenting a wide range of arctic/Antarctic research topics,  maybe you get to know a new colleague, and who knows that person might have exactly the solution or idea for your next Arctic / Antarctic project.


The program will be sent out when we come closer to June 17thth


Thu 17 Jun 21
12:00 - 16:00


Building 101, Glassalen