PhD defence by Esben Christensen

On 7 April, PhD student Esben Christensen will defend his PhD thesis "Preclinical Evaluation of Drug Delivery Systems for Immunotherapy"

Please notice that the PhD defence will be live streamed via Zoom Video Conferencing.

Direct link for the meeting: PhD defence, Esben Christensen

Principal supervisor: Professor Thomas Lars Andresen
Co-supervisor: Senior Researcher Ladan Parhamifar

Evaluation Board
Professor Sine Reker Hadrup, DTU Health Tech
Junior Group Leader Daniel H. Madsen, Herlev Hospital
Head of research unit Alexandre Corthay, Oslo University Hospital

Associate Professor Jonas Rosager Henriksen


Within the advancements in anti-cancer treatment, immunotherapy has shown highly encouraging results. Despite immune cells’ ability to recognize and kill cancer cells they are often suppressed in tumors. Immunotherapy can activate and teach the immune cells to recognize and kill cancer cells. However, due to high potential for cell-damage by activated immune cells the effects of immunotherapies must be as contained in tumors as much as possible.
In this PhD thesis, we have provided a toolbox for other cancer researchers to better select relevant cancer models for preclinical testing of anti-cancer therapies. Additionally, we evaluated liposomes and micelles as nanoparticle drug delivery system for potentiating the anti-cancer effects of TLR7 agonists (immunotherapy). We demonstrate significant limitations for liposomes containing TLR agonists and encouraging preclinical anti-cancer results when formulating TLR7 agonists in micelles.


Tue 07 Apr 20
13:00 - 16:00


DTU Sundhedsteknologi


Virtual PhD defence in Zoom.