Master defence Ricardo Zetina Benignos

Supervisor: Niels Troldborg, DTU Wind Energy

Examiner: Jesper Monrad Laursen, Siemens Gamesa

The defence is a part of the Online Wind Energy Master

About the Online Wind Energy Master

The part-time master programme is scheduled to take two to four years, making it possible for participants to study while working. The participants come from all over the world and in August, the first participants graduate.

On Friday August 30, 2019, there will be a reception in B118 for the eight graduates. 

Abstract: Simulations of the Effect of Leading Edge Surface Roughness on Aerodynamic Performance of Airfoils

In this thesis we review the roughness extension model by Knopp et al. (2008) and apply it to 3 distinct flow problems. Flow in a closed channel, flow over a flat plate, and the flow over an airfoil. We verify and validate the new roughness extension model on the 3 flow problems and we go over the effects of roughness on an airfoil such as Leading Edge Roughness (LER). We found the new roughness extension model by Knopp et al. (2008) is suitable for solving 2D flow problems accurately. We create an empirical data driven model to post-process the lift to correct for the mismatches we found. This correction is not fully validated.


Wed 28 Aug 19
10:00 - 12:00



DTU Risø Campus
Frederiksborgvej 399, bld. 118, meeting room Tycho Brahe
4000 Roskilde