Doctoral defence – Rafael Taboryski defends his thesis, "Engineering of wetting properties for solid surfaces

Professor Rafael Taboryski, DTU Nanolab, will defend his doctoral thesis, “Engineering of wetting properties for solid surfaces” on 28 January 2021 at 14.00 . It will only be possible to watch the defense online at

Wetting of solid surfaces either has particular technological significance for applications where a surface is required to reject certain liquids, or conversely, easily is wetted. The applications range from anti-fog surfaces on windows, goggles, solar cells, glasses, and endoscopes, to repellent surfaces on e.g. medical equipment or food packaging. Often it is wetting with water you are interested in being able to control, but the principles for engineering of surfaces with well-defined wetting properties are the same regardless of which liquid you are interested in rejecting or wetting with.
This dissertation thus describes methods for the design and fabrication of solid surfaces with desired wetting properties. It turns out that these properties can be greatly enhanced if the chemical composition of a surface is supplemented with a surface structuring on micro- and nanoscale. The interaction between the chemistry of a surface and its texture is thus the decisive element and the key to engineer surfaces with very significant wetting properties.

Read Rafael Taboyski’s thesis online or contact the doctoral candidate (DTU Nanolab) for a physical copy.

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The event will be held in accordance with restrictions and guidelines regarding COVID-19.


Thu 28 Jan 21
14:00 - 18:00




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