Inaugural lecture - Anders Wolff

Anders Wolff has been appointed professor in bio- and nanobased lab-on-a-chip technologies. This it celebrated with an inaugural lecture by Anders Wolff with the title:

BIOLABCHIP - From Concept to Production

The lecture is followed by a reception. Registration is not necessary.


Far too many lab-on-chip and point of care tests developed at universities are never commercialised. For commercialisation, it is important to consider the choice of materials, fabrication-, bonding-, and detection methods, etc. These should be suitable for mass production, low cost and easy to use and handle. In my group, we have developed different solutions, design and methods that can be produced at a realistic low price, and can be scaled up from prototypes to full-scale industrial mass production. Other important issues are assay design and integrated reagents. I will discuss these subjects using examples from our research.


Fri 20 Aug 21
15:00 - 17:00


DTU Bioengineering


DTU Lyngby
Anker Engelunds Vej 1
Building 101A, meeting room 1
2800 Lyngby