New climate innovation centre in Denmark

Friday 24 Jan 14

About Climate-KIC and Climate-KIC Nordic

Climate-KIC is a European platform for innovation, addressing climate change and the challenges it entails. This is done by means of collaboration between the three sides of the knowledge triangle: research, education and entrepreneurship. Climate-KIC was started up by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) in 2009 as one of three 'Knowledge and Innovation Communities' (KICs).

Climate-KIC now has five national CLCs and six regional centres in Europe, bringing partners together from different sectors and geographical areas. These generate specific solutions, products, courses and graduates focused directly on creating innovative solutions that can reduce environmental impacts and mitigate the consequences of climate change.

The Nordic centre consists of DTU, the University of Copenhagen, Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden), Grundfos, VELUX Group, the City of Copenhagen, COWI, Novozymes, Realdania and ROCKWOOL. There are plans to expand the centre in the years to come to include other knowledge institutions, public authorities and businesses.

In collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, Grundfos, VELUX Group and other important operators, DTU is launching a new Nordic centre for innovation, education and entrepreneurship. This is part of Climate-KIC, a European platform for innovation, addressing climate change and the challenges it entails.

The world is currently witnessing extreme weather conditions such as storms, floods, heat waves, drought and major fires. At the same time, the world population will increase to over 9 billion by 2050, which will increase the pressure on natural resources such as land, water and raw materials. The solutions to these challenges cannot be provided by a single industry, public authority or research institute. There is a need for interdisciplinary cooperation across sectors to generate global solutions. Climate-KIC was launched by the EU to maintain and expand Europe's leading position in this field.

Innovative solutions

The Nordic centre (a Co-Location Centre, CLC) represents a strong partnership of universities, leading businesses and public authorities that will work closely together to develop permanent new climate solutions with a view to creating sustainable growth. The centre will draw on a strong network of Danish and Nordic climate operators. They will develop new national and regional solutions targeting the consequences of climate change for modern society. The Nordic centre will be based on DTU Lyngby Campus. Over time it will be expanded to include leading relevant businesses, public authorities and universities throughout the Nordic region and possibly also the Baltic region. Denmark's first KIC centre is expected to contribute to boosting Danish and Nordic development in the field of climate innovation and help create jobs and growth.

Henrik Wegener, Provost of DTU, is pleased and proud that the Nordic centre has been located in Denmark:

"Scandinavian knowledge institutions and businesses have a long tradition of addressing the climate agenda. This tradition is now being given an additional boost with the creation of an extensive partnership across sectors and national borders based in Denmark," he says.

Thomas Bjørnholm, Prorector for Research and Innovation at the University of Copenhagen, also sees great potential in Danish Climate-KIC participation:

"It is a unique opportunity for Denmark. Our research and education environments have the chance to work with some of the best researchers in the world and we are able to generate opportunities for the creative transformation of knowledge and ideas into economically valuable products or services that can help meet the challenges of climate change."

A wide range of other partners are involved in the Nordic centre in addition to DTU and the University of Copenhagen. Two of the biggest companies in Denmark, Grundfos and VELUX Group, are also core partners in the project.

Lars Enevoldsen, Group Vice President for Global Research and Technology at Grundfos, says:

"Pumps account for 10% of global electricity consumption and the demand for comfort and, not least, for clean water is rising. As the world's biggest pump manufacturer, we are working concertedly to reduce the carbon footprint of pumps and pump systems. One approach is smart management of cooling, heating and water systems. We see participation in Climate-KIC as a way to accelerate our measures in these areas."

Michael K. Rasmussen, VELUX Group Director of Branding & Marketing, says:

"In the VELUX Group, we have committed ourselves to working towards more sustainable construction. We call our promise 'Sustainable Living in Buildings', and we are developing products and solutions that create healthy, comfortable living conditions in buildings that give more than they take in terms of energy and natural resources. We see our involvement in Climate-KIC as an opportunity to pursue our objective to move construction in the direction of sustainability and push this development through close partnerships."

The new centre will be launched on 7 February at DTU with the attendance of the Danish EU Commissioner for Climate Action, Connie Hedegaard.

For further information, please contact

Henrik Wegener, Provost of DTU, +45 4525 1010,

Thomas Bjørnholm, Prorector for Research and Innovation at the University of Copenhagen, +45 3532 2604,

Lars Enevoldsen, Group Vice President for Global Research and Technology, Grundfos, +45 8750 1400,

Thomas Overholt Hansen, Media Relations Manager, VELUX Group, +45 2059 7409,

Henrik Morgen, Director of Operations, Climate-KIC, +44 7872850 151

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