Celebrating this year’s new PhD graduates

Tuesday 04 Nov 14
At a red carpet event on Friday, 31 October, 147 PhD graduates were showered with champagne and prices.

Dean of Graduate Studies and International Affairs Martin P. Bendsøe bid welcomed before President Anders Bjarklev took the floor to address the graduates and speak of the exciting careers in science and technology on which they are about to embark.

Tradition dictates that a recently appointed professor follows the President on the podium. This year's guest speaker was Professor Peter Beelen from DTU Compute.

Photo: Thorkild Christensen.

Peter Beelen has a master's degree in mathematics from the University of Utrecht. In 2001 he received his PhD degree from the University of Eindhoven, and in 2004 he came to DTU Mathematics as an assistant professor.

Peter Beelen is working in the field of error-correction codes. Such codes are used to achieve reliable communication, even if background noise distorts the messages that are being sent. Since joining DTU, he has worked on a special kind of error-correction codes called algebraic geometry codes. A scientific highlight of his career so far is the explicit construction of algebraic curves with good properties.

Award winners 2014
PhD of the year is Anna Katrine Vangsgaard, DTU Chemical Engineering. The title of her thesis is: 'Modelling, Experimentation, and control of autotrophic Nitrogen Removal in Granular Sludge Systems.'

Photo: Thorkild Christensen. 

The following comments were made in connection with the award:
‘The thesis is of the highest quality and has resulted in significant scientific results. Anna has been very active in communicating her scientific results, resulting in 13 multidisciplinary conference papers that highlight different aspects of her work from applied microbiology to process engineering and control.’

PhD supervisor of the year
PhD supervisor of the year is Professor Michael Hauschild from DTU Management Engineering.

Photo: Thorkild Christensen.

Michael Hauschild is head of the division 'Quantitative Sustainability Assessment' at DTU Management Engineering. His research is focused on life cycle assessments—particularly environmental life cycles but also the social consequences of life cycle assessments. The aim of his research is to develop generic methods and decision support tools to assess the sustainability of products and systems.

Other nominated supervisors were:
Niels Bay, DTU Mechanical Engineering
John Bagterp Jørgensen, DTU Compute
Kasper Edwards, DTU Management Engineering
Anne Ladegaard Skov, DTU Chemical Engineering
Barth F. Smets, DTU Environment
Kirsten Halsnæs, DTU Management Engineering
Anja Boisen,DTU Nanotech
Bo Friis Nielsen, DTU Compute
Idelfonso Tafur Monroy, DTU Fotonik
Christian W. Probst, DTU Compute

DTU's 'Young Researcher Award'
This award honours young researchers who have made an extraordinary effort and who have great potential for further development.

Photo: Thokild Christensen.

This year, the award was presented to six young researchers whose names and PhD theses are listed below:

Julie Sainmont, DTU Aqua
Title of PhD thesis: ’Strategies for success: Copepods in a seasonal world.’

Morten Godtfred Nielsen, DTU Physics
Title of PhD thesis: ‘Development of New Photocatalysts for Efficient Removal of Ethylene.’

Matteo Villa, DTU Mechanical Engineering
Title of PhD thesis: ’Isothermal martensite formation.’

Rasmus Marvig, DTU Systems Biology
Title of PhD thesis: ‘Evolution and Pathoadaptation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in cystic fibrosis patients.’

Rogier Floors, DTU Wind Energy
Title of PhD thesis: ‘Measuring and modelling of the wind on the scale of all wind turbines.’

Jerrik Mielby, DTU Chemistry
Title of PhD thesis: ‘Selective Oxidations using Nanostructured Heterogeneous Catalysts.’ 

Short films on three PhD graduates and their projects:
PhD, Sune Riis Sørensen, DTU Aqua
‘On the way to successful European eel larval rearing: Impact of Biophysical conditioners and gamete quality.’


PhD, Camilla Ingvorsen, DTU Systems Biology
‘Perinatal programming of metabolic dysfunction and obesity-induced inflammation.’


PhD, Tue Gunst, DTU Nanotech
‘Transport and dynamics of nanostructured graphene.’


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