Nobel Laureate to give lecture on quantum physics at DTU

Monday 13 May 19


Ulrich Busk Hoff
Senior Adviser
DTU Physics
+45 29 80 41 55
Nobel Laureate Professor Serge Haroche will visit DTU in May to give a lecture on quantum physics.

Serge Haroche received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2012 for his pioneering work in experimental nuclear physics and quantum optics.

Through 35 years of research, Serge Haroche has studied the fundamental mechanisms of interaction between light and matter, for example also developing methods for controlling and manipulating individual quantum systems and demonstrating quantum phenomena such as Schrödinger’s cat states and quantum decoherence.

The title of Serge Haroche’s lecture is 'Rydberg atoms in Cavity QED and in quantum metrology'.

The lecture will take place on 14 May at 2 p.m. and will include a presentation of the latest results from Serge Haroche’s research group at the Collège de France in Paris, which, among other things, include measurements of electric and magnetic fields with an accuracy that exceeds standard quantum limits.

Serge Haroche’s lecture is the first in a series of Distinguished Lectures organised by QuantumDTU. Everybody is welcome, but you have to sign up as places are limited.

Please follow this link to register

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