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Friday 11 Jun 21

Statements from previous mentors:

"It was very rewarding to pass on knowledge and guidance to a bright young professional. I feel that I made quite a difference for my mentee and, in return, I learned something very positive and useful about the next generation of candidates."

"Just do it! It's a good experience and very professionally conducted. By mentoring you are also forced to reflect yourself - and the mentoring setup is individual so it will be fitted to what the mentor and mentee may agree upon."

"Being a mentor is a great experience. You are able to make a difference in another person's development and at the same time catch up with the current status at DTU. You also get to develop yourself, as the mentee will push you for feedback and reflections you might never have considered before. Of course there is the added bonus of getting to know a highly motivated young person."

Do you want to help the next generation of DTU students prepare for their career? Become a mentor!

The student organisation Conflux facilitates a non-profit mentoring programme supported by DTU where students are matched with professionals from the industry.

Last October, Conflux launched the second round of their mentorship programme for students within the STEM field. They had around 160 matches and the support from DTU alumni was amazing.

Now they are preparing for another round that launches in October 2021 and are looking for new mentors from all technical fields. We would therefore like to encourage you to apply!

Alumni from all age groups are welcome to apply for the programme, especially those with only a few years of professional experience.

More about the programme

The mentoring programme lasts five months from late October 2021 to April 2022.

There will be around 3-6 meetings during this period between you and your mentee. The exact schedule for those meetings will be up to you and your mentee to decide as we only set the frame for the mentor/mentee relationship.

The programme also offer three events:

  • Kick-off event: The frames for your relationship will be set, and you and your mentee will meet each other for the first time.
  • Mid-event: Sparring between the mentors concerning the programme and relevant talks.
  • Farewell event: Ending of the mentor/mentee relationship, evaluation of the programme.

The mentoring role is unpaid; however, you gain a lot from it:

  • The possibility of getting to know one of the brightest students in your field.
  • New insights, both professionally and personally, from a new perspective.
  • Strengthen your competencies in leading and motivating others.
  • A broader network with potential future colleagues from the professional world.
  • Supporting Corporate Social Responsibility.

Please note:

  • The mentorship programme runs fully in English (of course the language between matches is up the to themselves).
  • It is fully possible to participate in the programme virtually. Conflux will decide on the full setup after the summer when covid restrictions are known. All relevant info will come by mail when you are signed up.

The mentoring programme is a unique opportunity to help STEM students and we hope that you would like to be part of it:

Sign up as a mentor here

The Conflux Team will then get back to you as soon as possible.


If you have any further questions about the programme, you are welcome to contact Toke Bøgelund-Andersen at


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