Innovation Fund Denmark honours two talented young researchers

Monday 29 Jan 18
by Søren Ravn


Sara Shafiee
DTU Mechanical Engineering
Two young engineers associated with DTU each receive EUR 6,700 for the high standards of research in their industrial PhDs.

Of the three winners of Innovation Fund Denmark's Industrial Researcher Prize 2018 two young engineers are from DTU: Kræn Vodder Busk and Sara Shafiee.

Kræn Vodder Busk’s PhD was based on cooperation between DTU Electrical Engineering and MAN Diesel & Turbo. He developed a software solution which, among other things, restricts black smoke emissions from ships. The solution made it possible to regulate the intake of oxygen to the engine during fast acceleration and thus ensure the best possible conditions for effective fuel combustion in ships' engines.

The technology has been tested successfully and has demonstrated the ability to prevent formation of black smoke and toxic gases without it inhibiting manoeuvrability. Kræn Vodder Busk has now been employed as a development engineer with MAN Diesel & Turbo, where he is working to implement the new software in the company’s ship engines. The first ships featuring the new software are expected to take to the seas this coming spring.

Photo: Maiken Kestner, Innovation Fund Denmark
Photo: Maiken Kestner, Innovation Fund Denmark.

Sara Shafiee conducted her PhD in collaboration with Haldor Topsoe. She has developed a ground-breaking IT solution for automating and optimising the interrelationship between production, development and sales. The development of new products is cheaper, simpler, and faster if you use product configurations early on in the process, thereby ensuring that sales are tailored to the needs of customers. 

Based on the cooperation, Haldor Topsoe has realised significant gains, among other things due to a shorter and more customer-specific sales process. Sara Shafiee previously received the Alexander Foss MADE Award for her production research. She is now employed as a PostDoc Research Associate with DTU Mechanical Engineering.

Photo: Maiken Kestner, Innovation Fund Denmark.

The Industrial Researcher Prize is presented once a year and is a tribute to the most talented industrial PhDs or industrial postdocs from Innovation Fund Denmark’s talent programme who have successfully combined high-level scientific insight with a strong business understanding and have generated commercial results for a company.

The prize is a personal honorary award, and recipients may spend the EUR 6,700 (DKK 50,000) prize money as they see fit.

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