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DTU among the world's best at using open access

Thursday 23 May 19

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When it comes to using open access, DTU is best in the Nordic region and number 31 in the world, according to a new ranking from Leiden University in the Netherlands.

DTU is the best university in the Nordic countries when it comes to making its researchers’ scientific articles freely available online via open access. This is borne out by the recently published Leiden Ranking 2019, which for the first time measures university performance it terms of open access.

The ranking shows that DTU is no. 29 in Europe and no. 31 in the world within open access use.

The Leiden Ranking, published by Leiden University in the Netherlands, ranks almost 1,000 universities worldwide according to more than 40 indicators. This year’s ranking has been extended with several new indicators, including using open access.

Leiden University is the first of the leading providers of university rankings to include this indicator in its assessment on the grounds that open access is a necessary first step towards an open environment in the scientific world.

DTU’s top ranking in the Nordic countries is the result of a conscious effort to make the University’s research results more readily available. As the first Nordic university, DTU established an open and searchable web archive where researchers were able to make their publications freely available to all. And as the first university in Denmark, DTU adopted a publication policy requiring open access, unless the journal or publishing house opposed it.

The Leiden Ranking shows that there is currently open access to 70 per cent of DTU’s recent publications.

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