DTU-Byg (DTU Civil Engineering) on International Top Ten List

Saturday 22 Dec 12


Michael Havbro Faber
Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU

Civil Engineering institutes at 300 of the world's universities have been ranked according to their scientific productivity and performance. DTU Byg lies in 7th place

DTU Byg continues to be nicely ranked on the world ranking list of comparable institutes within the same research area: a 7th place.  

Every year the Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT) publishes the ranking list Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers of World Universities 2011. It is the 6th time the HEEACT publishes the ranking list.  

DTU Byg’s fine position among 300 universities pleases Head of Department Michael Havbro Faber.  

HEEACT calculates positions in selected research areas as Civil Engineering, and here DTU Byg lies in 7th place on the world’s top 300 university list.  

The list has been made in the light of a number of criteria and weightings in three main categories: productivity, trenchancy and performance – including the number of published articles over the last year, the number of quotations over the last year and the number of published articles in high-impact media over the last year.  

HEEACT’s ranking list takes scientific papers from the 200 universities in the world that are registered in Web of Science as its starting point.  

See the ranking list from HEEACT:

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