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Four start-up teams from across entrepreneurship programmes at DTU received micro grants

Monday 19 Apr 21

FFE micro grant

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Deadline 9 May 2021

The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship (Fonden for Entreprenørskab, FFE) awarded 11 micro grants to DTU students. Four of these successful applications originated from students following DTU courses and programmes related to entrepreneurship

What are FFE micro grants?

Since 2011, the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship has awarded micro grants to students with startup ambitions. The micro grant gives students the opportunity to gain valuable experience with entrepreneurship. The purpose of the initiative is to raise a positive awareness about entrepreneurship and talented entrepreneurs at the Danish educational institutions. 

Apply for a micro grant here – next deadline is 9 May 2021 

Four micro grant receivers related to entrepreneurship courses and programmes

Congratulations to all 11 DTU student teams who received micro grants in March 2021. The four (as well as two in 2019 and 2020) student teams below have followed entrepreneurship courses and programmes: 


A circular economy solution creating fish feed from sludge.
Team: Students from the DTU X-Tech Entrepreneurship course.

Using Image recognition to improve blasting and mining processes.
Team: Case involving students from the MSc Technology Entrepreneurship, which was originated during course 42436 Technology Entrepreneurship, and now transitioned to the DTU X-Tech Entrepreneurship course.

A vegan meat alternative.
Team: Case from the MSc Technology Entrepreneurship.
Explore more at Wall of fame 

Green installation in public space in urban environment.
Team: Start-up idea generated in the autumn 2020 semester of course 42085 Business Design for Sustainability (previous Strategy, Design, and Market).The Planty team is now following a special course under Jason Li-Ying’s supervision to further develop its prototype and business model. 
Explore more at Wall of fame


Flexible speak and audio systems.
Team: BSc thesis project supervised by DTU Entrepreneurship, was a case at course 42436 Technology Entrepreneurship and is now a case in the MSc Technology Entrepreneurship.
Kubell also just received a DKK 5,000,000 investment.
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Platform for power purchase agreements.
Team: Students from the DTU X-Tech Entrepreneurship course. Since REEL won DKK 200,000 in DTU X-Tech they also received DTU Skylab funding and Climate KIC.
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Examples of entrepreneurship courses and programmes at DTU

42085 Business Design for Sustainability
The course will enable the students to analyse the interplay between products and their market context based on Design Thinking principles and develop the students’ capacity for thinking strategically about this interplay from a design perspective. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the starting point of inspiration to start the design journey.

Please note that the previous name of this course was Strategy, Design and Market.

Contact: Jason Li-Ying and Francesco Rosati

42634 DTU X-Tech Entrepreneurship
DTU X-Tech is an accelerated-learning programme that combines engineering, business and marketing students with inventions, patents and technological needs from industry partners and DTU research. The outcome: A prototype, a business plan, and an entrepreneurial team ready to explore a new business venture.

Contact: Danny Grydholt and Thomas J. Howard

42436 Technology Entrepreneurship
This course is an introduction to technology entrepreneurship. The aim of the course is to bring together students from different backgrounds, in order to develop commercialization strategies for technologies invented at DTU. 

Contact: Argyro (Iro) Nikiforou and Francesco Rosati

DTU’s MSc Technology Entrepreneurship
Graduate with a degree and a startup. Throughout this 2-year entrepreneurial journey, students experience academic learning and hands-on training that support their transformation into entrepreneurs. Students from over 300 bachelor degrees are invited to the programme, as we believe it takes a team of people from different academic backgrounds who share one thing in common - the desire to apply technology for the benefit of people, society and the world - to create breakthrough solutions. 

The application deadline for September 2021 semester has expired (next deadline will be early 2022)

Contact: Thor Rigtrup Larsen

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