DTU signs internship agreement with Lockheed Martin

Wednesday 18 Nov 15


Martin P. Bendsøe
Professor Emeritus
+45 21 36 27 13

F-35 programme for MSc students

The F-35 programme for MSc students is the first collaboration between DTU and Lockheed Martin since the two parties in August 2015 signed a letter of intent to develop and conduct research projects together.

With the cooperation, Lockheed Martin has extended the F-35 programme for MSc students. In 2015, two MSc students from Aarhus University participated, and in 2016, five MSc students from DTU. In future, Denmark will every spring supply students from Aarhus University and DTU to the F-35 programme. Lockheed already has a similar agreement with the Dutch DELFT University which will send over MSc students every autumn.

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Five MSc students have been selected to participate in an internship at the technology company Lockheed Martin in Texas. As the first students from DTU, they will help develop the world-famous F-35 fighter aircraft.

Five MSc students from DTU are currently planning their five-month internship in Texas with the technology company Lockheed Martin which produces the F-35 fighter aircraft.

The internship is the result of an agreement between DTU, Lockheed Martin and the Danish technology company Terma A/S, which they signed Friday and which will make DTU students part of the so-called F-35 programme for MSc students. The programme is one of the world's largest industrial projects and involves several nations.

“To be selected means that I will have relevant experience from an industry which always must be at the forefront of developments. It is extremely motivating to be allowed on the team which will ensure the quality of the final product. In addition, I have always wanted to live in the USA,” says Magnus Kvisgaard who is on the MSc programme Materials and Manufacturing Engineering.

Advanced technologies
Magnus Kvisgaard is one of five MSc degree students selected. The group also counts Liane Hansen, Trúgvi Kristiansen, Marc Alexander Samuelsen, and Andreas Nørballe. They can now look forward to learning more about advanced technologies in the global aviation industry.

”I expect to come home armed with tools and experiences that I can use in my future career in engineering, but I also expect to have a better knowledge of American life and working culture,” says Trúgvi Kristiansen, who is a mechanical engineer now taking the MSc programme Materials and Manufacturing Engineering. Most of all, he is looking forward to seeing the production facilities and the many high-tech parts it takes to build a F-35 aircraft.

A lot of interest
The five MSc students were selected among 20 interested applicants within the MSc programmes Materials and Manufacturing Engineering, Design and Innovation, Engineering Management, Wind Energy, as well as Engineering Design and Applied Mechanics.

In a press release from Lockheed Martin, DTU's Senior Vice President, Dean of Graduate Studies and International Affairs Martin P. Bendsøe says: “DTU has experienced a great deal of student interest in participating in the F-35 programme for MSc students, and we are very pleased that no less than five graduate students have been given the chance to collaborate with companies such as Terma and Lockheed Martin—two of the leading technological companies within the area.”

They will help develop the F-35 fighter

Foto: Thorkild Christensen

Magnus Kvisgaard

Studies Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

What do you expect to bring home from your internship?

“First and foremost, I'm looking forward to experiencing the F-35 up close. It’s a boyhood dream come true to work on such a project. I also look forward to living in the USA along with the other four interns from DTU, and experience the culture in Texas and the surrounding area." 

What do you look forward to the most?

First and foremost, my internship is about learning and becoming a better engineer. I’m in no doubt that my stay will be among the most important aspects on CV when I graduate.”




 Foto: Thorkild Christensen

Trúgvi Kristiansen

Mechanical engineer. On the MSc programme Materials and Manufacturing Engineering. 

What does being selected mean to you?
“It means that I can engage with people whom I would not otherwise meet, and that I will learn about new technologies. It gives me the opportunity to see how a company of this size works.”


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