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First batch of MSc Technology Entrepreneurship students

Friday 21 Aug 20

MSc Technology Entrepreneurship

This Saturday 22 August 2020 will be very special to us at DTU Entrepreneurship.

We will welcome DTU’s first batch of MSc Technology Entrepreneurship students. 

During their 3 intense intro days, the students will get to know each other as well as solving their first entrepreneurial challenge in the programme: “Design and set up an open experimental space for connecting research, education and practice in entrepreneurship”. 

The new space is part of Centre for Technology Entrepreneurship and is located at:
DTU, Diplomvej, Building 373, 1st floor, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Centre for Technology Entrepreneurship still has their main offices at:
Diplomvej, Buildings 371 & 372, 2nd floor, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby

MSc Technology Entrepreneurship team 

"Making people and ideas come together around challenges and solutions excites me "
Thor Rigtrup Larsen, Programme Manager

Thor Rigtrup Larsen is the Programme Manager of the MSc Technology Entrepreneurship. Thor joined DTU Entrepreneurship in May 2020. For the last decade, Thor has been working as an innovation consultant focusing on cross-sector social and climate innovation, gradually getting more involved in the educational sector, enjoying challenging and helping young teams and startups succeed with their ideas for a better world.

“Making people and ideas come together around challenges and solutions excites me”, says Thor.

Thor Rigtrup Larsen, Programme Manager
MSc Technology Entrepreneurship

Apart from Thor, the MSc Technology Entrepreneurship team consists of experienced lecturers and researchers:

Sannie Fisker, Head of Education and Deputy Director of DTU Entrepreneurship
Karen Murdock, Teaching Associate Professor
Carina Lomberg, Associate Professor
Robin van Oorschot, Postdoc

The team behind the MSc Technology Entrepreneurship is so excited that the “first day of school” is finally here. The team has been working very hard and long to prepare the next two year’s courses and content of the MSc and looks forward to seeing it all come alive.  

MSc Technology Entrepreneurship programme

The MSc Technology Entrepreneurship takes a team of people from different academic backgrounds who share one thing in common - the desire to apply technology for the benefit of people, society and the world - to create breakthrough solutions.

DTU’s MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship is a programme that brings this vision to life by inviting students from various bachelor degrees to come together to build startups that make a difference.

The programme nurtures and develops entrepreneurs and their startups. Throughout this 2-year entrepreneurial journey, the students will experience academic learning and hands-on training that support their transformation into entrepreneurs. The students will be part of a team of entrepreneurs working together in a campus equipped with world-class research facilities and startup labs.

Read more here

Collaborate with us on Msc Entrepreneurship

Help us provide our students with the best real-life experience by sharing your time, resources, network and motivation to change the world with them!

We are looking for: industry people, entrepreneurs, technology owners, thinkers, professionals from all backgrounds to help us help our techpreneur students build tomorrow’s startups with the best tools and people.

Do you want to collaborate with us? See how here 

We are also looking for projects: You can strengthen your intrapreneurial project by working with a group of entrepreneurial students from DTU's MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship.

The core structure of the programme combines real-world startup ideas and technologies with courses on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, ethics, personal development, and sustainability.

During the programme, the students will both select and validate ideas, develop solutions, explore and define their role in a startup company and as a common thread throughout the course, the students in teams will create a startup company.
The startup projects and ideas can come from different venues: the students themselves, inventions and patents from DTU or intrapreneurial projects from industry.

Therefore, we are reaching out to you to offer you the possibility of supplying a project/idea into the programme.

You can sign up here straight away, but if  you need more information, please contact our Programme Manager Thor Rigtrup Larsen and ask for the “Project Owner Info Pack” that provides full details on submitting a case/project to the MSc.



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