Projects selected for CO2 Storage research programme

Energy Fossil fuels Energy production Geology Mapping and surveying Raw materials and raw materials exploitation Chemistry Ships and offshore constructions

The call for proposals for DHRTC’s CO2 Storage programme has triggered overwhelming interest. With no less than 44 project proposals submitted, it was difficult to choose the most promising projects.

The decision was to go ahead with 13 projects, which are falling into three main categories:

  • CO2 injectivity (5 projects)
  • Monitoring; leak detection and plume movement (2 projects and 1 short-time feasibility project)
  • Wells and well-related issues (3 projects and 2 short-time feasibility projects)

The projects are all in the lower end of the TRL-scale. In other words, research will focus on promising, new ideas and concepts. More information about the specific activities will follow later.

A tech solution to mitigate climate challenges

Carbon Capture and Storage is one of the most promising solutions for reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. However, many scientific, technical, and other challenges still need to be overcome before CO2 Storage can be performed at an industrial scale.

DHRTC has made a strategic decision to be part of the process that can pave the way for Denmark becoming a major player in CO2 Storage, drawing on the research centre’s deep understanding of the oil and gas fields in the Danish North Sea.