Digital Tech Summit

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DTU is part of Denmark's new major tech and research event.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computers and machine learning are changing our world and can be keys to competitiveness and growth for individual companies as well as for Denmark as a whole.

This is why all Danish universities have joined forces with IT-Branchen and Teknologiens Mediehus to create a meeting point for the research and the companies that drive digital development in Denmark and the Nordic countries.

"It is our vision to create the leading research-based technology fair in the Nordic countries, where exhibitors and visitors can meet and discuss the latest technological achievements, engage in matchmaking and find new partners – or just get new good ideas," says Anders Bjarklev , head of Rectors Conference, Universities Denmark and President of DTU.

In this way, the Digital Tech Summit will contribute to transforming Denmark's strong research position within digital technologies to new business for the country's leading companies, growth in small and medium-sized companies and new startups.

Prominent keynote speakers
When Digital Tech Summit 2021 opens its doors to the public on November 30 and December 1 in Øksnehallen in Copenhagen, it is a chance to experience leading researchers, technology-leading companies and innovative startups.

The keynote speaker at the conference is Executive Vice President at the EU Commission Margrethe Vestager, who will share her visions for a strong European digital leadership through targeted research and technology initiatives, with a particular focus on how we develop and apply AI.

In addition, there will be presentations from over 300 top researchers and leading business people. Such as Serge Belongie, professor and research leader at the renowned Cornell University in New York and future director of the new large Danish research initiative AI Pioneer Center. Serge Belongie will talk about how computer science can provide better diagnostics in the field of health, lift the transport sector and strengthen the green transition.

New technologies and new business ideas
The expected 5,000 visitors can also meet 70 exhibiting companies, including Maersk, GN, AMBU, Novo, FOSS and 3Shape, who will display their latest technological solutions and invite job candidates to a dialogue. At the same time, in the startup area, over 150 tech startups will present completely new business ideas.

Natasha Friis Saxberg, Director of the IT Industry says:
“We see it as a clear advantage that both large and small companies get close to the world of research and benefit directly from the many new technologies that are being developed in these years. It is a societal goal to raise the companies' competitiveness and digital opportunities through meeting with the latest knowledge from the universities.”