SOLID Assembly

First SOLID Assembly

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SOLID Assembly, 7 and 8 March 2022

KU hosted the first assembly on 7 and 8 March and 47 SOLID partners and affiliated had signed up for the event.

The venue was on the 15th floor at Mærsk Tower and the view was fantastic - and we also got a very interesting guided tour in the basement at Forensics at Panum.

All jr. SOLID partners were encouraged to bring posters for the poster session on day 1.
15 very nice posters were presented and all participants voted for the best ones - technical and in general.

Poster session

The winners were:

  • Thorbjørn Erik Køppen Christensen, AU (Generel)
  • Jonas Palle, AU (Technical)
  • Bjarke Juul Georgi Østergaard, DTU (General and Technical)

Poster winners