Frida Frost

Frida Frost new head of PowerLabDK at DTU

Energy Electrotechnology
DTU has appointed Frida Frost as COO for PowerLabDK—Europe’s leading experimental facility within electricity and energy solutions.

Today, on 1 March 2017, Frida Frost takes up the newly created position as COO of PowerLabDK at the Center for Electric Power and Energy, DTU Electrical Engineering.

An MSc Eng graduate from DTU in 1999, Frida has also been chairman of IDA. Prior to her chairmanship, she worked for nine years with energy issues in a number of large businesses and also had her own consultancy firm specializing in energy consultancy services.

“I’ve always been interested in the future energy supply, and I’m proud to be given the opportunity to head the operation and development of the super high-tech PowerLabDK for the benefit of Danish businesses and Danish society. The facilities already hold an impressive position, both nationally and internationally, which I would like to strengthen further,” says Frida Frost.

“I’m really looking forward to working with both students and researchers at DTU and with the companies that will benefit from PowerLabDK for testing and development. An important part of my job will be to develop new partnerships, because PowerLabDK offers such a huge potential within testing, development, and demonstration of both electricity and energy solutions.”

PowerLabDK has now reached such a size and level of activity that it is necessary to appoint a manager with a dedicated focus on utilizing PowerLabDK and making it visible.

Jacob Østergaard, Professor and Head of Centre, who will still be a member of PowerLabDK’s Steering Committee, is looking very much forward to working with Frida Frost on the continued development of PowerLabDK:

“I couldn’t imagine a better qualified candidate—with academic insight, strong management experience, and the ability to develop and forge relationships. I’m sure that Frida Frost will take the visions for PowerLabDK to a new level, so that we to an even greater extent will benefit Danish businesses and contribute to further developing Denmark as an energy technology pioneer.”


PowerLabDK is an experimental platform for component testing, technological development, training, and demonstration within electricity and energy.


One of PowerLabDK’s goals is to strengthen the collaboration between researchers, students, and industry on the development of new solutions for the benefit of business development, technology export, and green growth. With laboratories at DTU Lyngby Campus and Ballerup Campus, a mini energy system at DTU Risø Campus as well as the overall energy system on the island of Bornholm—which is operated by the utility company Bornholms Energi og Forsyning—PowerLabDK was officially opened on 23 June 2016.