Photo: Vibeke Hempler

20 new H.C. Ørsted Postdocs welcomed in 2015

DTU recently welcomed 20 highly talented researchers who have been granted a H.C. Ørsted COFUND postdoc fellowship. The 20 researchers come from all over the world and will spend the next two years at the University advancing their scientific career.

By Stine Work Brodersen and Vibeke Hempler

The original H.C. Ørsted postdoc programme was launched in 2004 and given to young, talented researchers from abroad. Co-funding by the European Union’s Marie Curie Actions has enabled DTU to uphold both the number and the duration of granted fellowships in 2015.

No fewer than 183 applicants applied. After a thorough review process, where the applications were subjected to external international peer review based on a set of predefined criteria, DTU has selected 20 promising researchers who have shown great potential in their respective field of research. The fellows represent 13 different nationalities, and will carry out research within an extensive range of academic fields.

Recipients of H.C. Ørsted COFUND postdoc fellowships in 2015:     





Albert Granados

 DTU Compute


Optimization of energy harvesting systems by scattering methods

Albert Kilian Engstfeld

 DTU Physics


Fundamental studies of the catalysis of electrochemical fuel production

Alexey Dudnik

 DTU Biosustain


Development of tools for precise genome engineering in lactic acid bacteria and their implementation in construction of bacterial cell factories

Christoph Köhn

DTU Space


Modelling of hard emissions from discharges including feedback physics

Christos Tserkezis

 DTU Fotonik


Emitter-plasmon hybrid nanostructures: optical response beyond classical electrodynamics

Chuang Wen

DTU Mechanical Engineering


CO2 condensation and separation from natural gas using a novel supersonic separation process

Deepak Marla

DTU Mechanical Engineering


Multiphysics modeling of laser induced selective activation (LISA) for autocatalytic electroless plating

Golbarg Mehraei

DTU Electrical Engineering


Effects of auditory nerve and cochlear damage on auditory attention

Ji Zhang

DTU Mechanical Engineering


Experimental analysis of heat transfer and pressure drop using zeotropic mixtures in plate heat exchangers for low-grade heat to power conversion

Julia Hütter



Analysis of the functional role of different intestinal DC subsets in the induction of mucosal IgA

Jun Wu

DTU Mechanical Engineering


Interactive Topology Optimization for Additive Manufacturing

Khuong Van Dinh

DTU Aqua


Marine pelagic secondary production under environmental stress - impacts of climate change and oil exposure

Maryam Jokar

DTU Food


Fate and Behaviour of Nano-Structured Metal particles Released From Food Contact Materials in Gastrointestinal Tract Model

Mátyás Imre Pápai

DTU Chemistry


Quantum Dynamics of Photoinduced Processes in Transition-Metal-Based Functional Molecules

Michal Wagner

DTU Chemistry


Development of quinones-enriched gold nanoparticles for energy storage and bioelectrochemistry

Nicki Frank Hinsche

DTU Physics


Electron-phonon & electron-electron coupling in nanostructured thermoelectric materials

Pieter Daniël van Denderen

DTU Aqua


Density-dependent regulation in marine fish and its consequences for their sustainable exploitation

Platon Gkamaletsos



Nanoscale electron microscopic investigation of strategic & hazardous elements in critical raw materials and metallurgical residues

Shiyu Gan

DTU Physics


Graphene and graphene-like two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials stabilized hierarchical Si-photocathodes for photoelectrochemical water splitting

Tae Kwang Ha

DTU Biosustain

South Korea

Enhancement of therapeutic protein production in CHO cells: Coping with the ER stress