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DTU at the top of the ranking of Denmark's IT workplaces

Wednesday 01 Dec 21


Claus Nielsen
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The annual IT Company Rank, published by Ingeniørens Mediehus, has named DTU number two in Denmark - surpassed only by Microsoft.

In the ranking, DTU is number one among the public companies and in second place among the country's most attractive IT workplaces. A total of 1,669 IT professionals participated in the survey by assessing the country's IT workplaces on several parameters within the categories 'knowledge', 'performance', and 'appeal'. The categories cover 'good management and corporate culture', 'good professional challenges', 'influence and independence in work', and 'development and innovation'.

"We are delighted and proud of the recognition we have received again this year in this ranking," says university director Claus Nielsen and elaborates:

"At DTU, we are ambitious and have a sharp focus on using technology and digitalization throughout our work. IT is a topic that we research and teach; it is a tool we have taken with us when we teach digitally - and IT plays a key role in our professional way of administering our university. This means that DTU has many different IT jobs, and there is huge variation in the IT jobs we offer. The ranking reflects this fact, and I am very pleased with that."

See the entire IT Company Rank 2021 here (in Danish)

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