Reliable digitization

Industry 4.0 is called the Fourth Industrial Revolution and is based on digitalization.


The world is digital, and is controlled by the computer and sensor technology that has revolutionized society over the last 30 years. As more and more devices communicate over the Internet and are equipped with artificial intelligence, the physical world (people, products, and production) is becoming increasingly interconnected in the digital world.

At DTU, we are researching how digital technology is helping to create a better life for the individual and a sustainable future for everyone. For example, we can monitor patients and treat them in their own homes, we can safely manage the traffic, and we can use renewable energy much more efficiently than is the case at present by using big data, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things solutions.

We also possess expertise within, for example, secure data encryption. This is an area which is becoming increasingly relevant as digitizing vast amounts of data is making countries, industries, and individuals vulnerable to hacker attacks and cybercrime.