The big plastic challenge

Plastic is everywhere, and there comes more of it.

Picture of plastic bottles. Theme: the big plastic challenge

In 1973 lay the global plastic production according to the World Economic Forum of 32 million. ton. In 2016, world production had  increased tenfold and was 330 million. ton. Unless the world community is changing behavior or find alternatives, plastic production is expected to be further doubled in over the next 20 years, writes Innovation Fund and McKinsey & Company in the report ‘The new plastics economy'.

Plastic challenges that global communities.

Production is based on fossil fuels resources that several countries, including Denmark, want phased out. 

Plastic can take a long time to stay decomposed, and ends up in nature, it has been here for many years. The material is widely used and used i.a. for medical devices and packaging that prevents food waste.

At DTU, the researchers work with these major challenges and examines i.a. roads to fossil-free manufacture of plastics, handling and disposal of plastic waste, methods of recycling and consequences
of plastic waste in the environment.